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We just left the north entrance of Yellowstone and were hungry. We saw this little pizza place and tried it out. It was one of the best Margarita pizza's we have ever had. And later I looked it up on tripadvisor to find out it is near the top. I know why. Prices are good too.

Just had to have a pizza, and based on TripAdvisor reviews, went to Yellowstone Pizza Co. Not a fancy place- several large tables with bench seats, a few smaller tables- but nice friendly staff and good pizza. Thin crust, only 12", several varieties. YPC Salad was also good, but not out of the ordinary. Beer, wine, and soft drinks served, as well as desserts.


Very good pizza!  Next time you're in Montana on your way to Yellowstone, stop here for a pie!  The pepperoni pie was tasty and the slices of pepperoni were the biggest I have ever seen.  They didn't have garlic rolls but they do offer local brewed beer so I guess that makes up for it.

The service was friendly and attentive.  They do have TV's so you can catch a game there and also an upstairs area.

Joanne S

Yet another Gardiner restaurant that changed my thinking about this town!  Nice signage in the front window, nice decor and appears clean inside.

Seated quickly, told specials and got menus right away.  Small menu but it is a pizza joint.  Standard type pizzas but you can get elk or bison unlike most other places.  They do have some specialty pizzas with a kick along with interesting appetizers.  Prices are fair.  $12-$17 for most pizzas. Seating in the main area is on benches, quite like picnic tables but they aren't uncomfortable. They do have regular chairs along with rooftop seating. Ordered a pepperoni / ham.

Thin crust, light sauce, large pepperoni, small ham pieces, light cheese.  Appeared to be brick-fired oven cooked due to the blackened crust edges and taste.  They show all pizzas on the menu as Italian style and told us 10-12" in diameter feeding 1-2 people and I'd agree but I love pizza so I ate the whole thing.  I've had what I'd call real Italian style pizza and this was very similar. Service was very nice.  Started with one person that seated us, another took our order, got our drinks and came back a few times during our meal yet the first person finished up with us. I think the first one was on the rooftop helping others as they started to get busy.  Both were attentive and friendly. Would go again and recommend this to anyone.
Sonia A

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